iPad Mini 2 | 3 Pin De Carga Con Flex De Remplazo (Todos Los Colores)

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Color: Negro

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  • Compatible with: iPad Mini 2 | 3.
  • 100% Brand New with High Quality: all of our items have been tested and checked well one by one before shipping, Easy to install.
  • Best replacement parts for your choice: when your iPad charging, Data transfer, Mic, lound speaker, vibrating motor doesn’t work or defective.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Fast shipping with 60 days free warranty, supply the best after-sales customer service, you will get refund if you are dissatisfied with our items.

iPad Mini 2 | 3 Charging Port Flex Cable Replacement

This Charging Port Flex Cable Replacement Can Fix The Following Issues;

  • Not charging.
  • Charging slow.
  • Moisture signal (wet).
  • Charger doesn't go in completely.
  • This is definitely the part you need if you feel like the charging port on your iPad is broken and not working. In that case it must be replaced.
  • Each charging port has been tested by our team. And is guaranteed to be in great condition since before shipping it to you.
  • This is not an easy job, so you will need technical experience, or just follow our instructions.

How Durable Is Your iPad Mini 2 | 3 charging Port?

iPad model charging ports are very strong. But nonetheless even the iPad Mini 2 | 3 can have issues like a damaged charging port.

So what should you do if the charging port on your iPad Mini 2 | 3 is not working? You may even think you don’t want your iPad anymore, but trust us, that is not what experts recommend, when replacement parts like this one, are at your reach.

Our team recommends that you try the iPad Mini 2 | 3 charging port and not jump into wasting money by buying a new iPad. Specially when it's an issue that can be fixed very easy.

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